Reasons to spend more time naked

Reasons to spend more time naked

Ever wondered if you should spend more time naked? Don’t push yourself towards anything but be open to consider a lot of good that may come out of being naked on a regular basis for much longer than before. Here’s a few reasons you may not have thought of.

Spending time naked helps to accept your body

People of all genders tend to have a problem with accepting their bodies. The cult of beauty, overwhelming information on how to adapt to the prevailing beauty standards, force us to take a critical look at our own body. It makes us dislike and often not accept ourselves; we avoid mirrors and nudity. This is a mistake, because being naked allows you to accept your body, get acquainted with it, like it. Thanks to nudity, we are no longer ashamed, and it is easier for us to feel comfortable naked.

Nakedness increases intimacy

The naked body is stimulating. Even after many years in marriage, when this nudity is no longer as exciting as it was after you first met, it still remains extremely relevant. Bodies do change over time, but so does the approach to them, so the longer a couple is together, the more distance they have to it. Turning up the atmosphere of intimacy with the view of naked bodies will serve any relationship.

Sleep better while naked

Quality of your sleep changes so much in the way your organism operates. For the comfort of sleep, it is recommended that the temperature in the bedroom is no higher than 21 degrees Celsius. Open windows and the heating off are one thing, but it’s worth trying not getting dressed to sleep. During sleep, the body gets rid of toxins, regenerates cells, so it will be healthier for you not to force your body into tight pajamas. It is also more pleasant to the body to cuddle in the sheets with no clothes on and feel the fabric with the whole body. Relaxation comes faster than you think, and when you can have that all night. Just imagine how much more relaxed you may wake up the next day!

Sleeping well naked

Being naked helps to feel freedom and happiness

On many levels, exposing your naked body to all the external factors may feel harmful. But there is no need to fight this feeling by making rapid steps towards being naked much more in your life. Getting back to nature can make us more relaxed, free, and happy. By accepting the image of our body, we build self-esteem and satisfaction with life, we gain energy for positive action. It is much easier to feel good in your body, when you accept it and feel connected to nature. Go ahead and try some nude tree hugging when you are alone. Spending a weekend in a country house, where no one can interrupt? Might as well enjoy the sun completely naked.

Staying naked helps intimate health

There are so many reasons why we care about our clothes and the way we look in them, but the truth is – first people were more than ok without this civilization advancement, it’s no secret that tight underwear and a thick layer of clothes do not work particularly well on intimate places. Women can be prone to painful skin irritations, urinary and genital tract infections, and tight underwear can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Sleeping naked or walking without panties under a dress makes it easier to maintain the proper pH and allow the skin to breathe. Skip wearing a bra when possible and feel the joy of freedom for your upper body parts.

Stay naked for easier breastfeeding

The aspect of nudity, walking topless, will be especially appreciated by mothers who are nursing their youngest children. Babies are very absorbing and often “hang” against the breast. Nudity facilitates the task, allows the child to feel the warmth and smell of mother’s skin. In addition, airing your breasts helps to avoid nipple problems and reduces the risk of infection.

Keep your inner naturist happy

Ever feel like you have lost connection with your inner naturist? Or perhaps you thought you never had one in you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be in for a surprise. Study shows, that taking part in naturist activities can help make us significantly more satisfied with our bodies and lives. So even if you have never had the opportunity to spend some time the naturist way, there is still hope for you. Do it alone if that is what you need to feel comfortable, or invite a partner, friend, or professional service provider, such as a naked cleaner for your house, naked gardener or a naked party server, who will be more than happy to accompany you while staying in the nude.

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