What is naked art modelling

It may sound like something banally simple but naked art modelling – whether it’s for paintings, photographs, or videos, it takes a tremendous amount of skill, effort, and confidence not many people possess. In itself, naked art modelling is not a new or unfamiliar concept, it is something that has been practiced by artists, art schools and enthusiasts all over the world for years and years, now it is easier than ever to find a nude model posing for your art project.

Naked Art modelling is a professional process

It might have something to do with the stereotypical prudishness and shame or the general discomfort with nudity when it isn’t overtly sexualised. But naked or “life” modelling, brings a sexy and fascinating twist to painting, photography or art in general that you just can’t get from a landscape or an animal. Afterall, artists are always really, drawing themselves even when they are drawing someone else, and it was Freud who described models as performing “the very private function for the painter of providing the starting point for his excitement”. And who doesn’t like to live their life with excitement? But mainly, the idea of naked art (much like that of naked cleaning) is not to associate nudity exclusively with a sexual activity or sexual meaning but focus on the appreciation and admiration of the human body.

Naked Art Modelling and feeling good in your skin

Unlike something like naked cleaning where the constant motion and tasks let you lose yourself in the moment and maybe get over any small insecurities or discomforts you might have, naked modelling takes that away and leaves the art subject quite literally and metaphorically naked to the artist’s or simply the viewer’s gaze. In these types of scenarios, it isn’t easy to know how to feel good naked. That’s why there are professionals who do it comfortably and for a living. It is also good to practice holding poses for 20 seconds to even 30 minutes, as this is what the artist may be expecting.

Naked art modelling

Why is Naked Art Modelling a good idea?

Being naked in front of strangers can have a profoundly positive effect on one’s self-esteem and self-image. Unlike cleaning or performing in the nude, being a naked art subject – an inspiration to an artist and a source of admiration to the viewers, can have a truly transformative effect. To take the spotlight and be appreciated for one’s form alone and to be seen as nothing more than just a breathing and living body can feel liberating – especially for women.

Why would anyone want to hire a nude model?

On the other side of the coin, there is the artist or the viewer, who does the appreciating or creates a piece of art which is supposed to create an emotional effect. Similarly, to naked cleaning or other nude voyeurism activities, the excitement and appreciation comes from watching and seeing a beautiful naked body which can have a stimulating effect both physically and mentally. People choose to channel these feelings in different ways but there are those who choose art as their medium – whether it is painting, photography or video recording.

Lastly, the human body can be a beautiful thing to contemplate, and this can be a useful artistic tool in itself, just as flowers, sunsets, and mountains are similarly useful tools in the artist’s toolkit. Nudity has been a source of artistic inspiration for centuries – some of the most famous artists anybody can name like Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci have used the naked human body to express ideas about the nature of humanity and a man’s role in the world.

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