How to feel sexy

Do you think that if your beauty is not perfect, and you perceive yourself as a person that does not have nice features or a beautiful body then you are not sexy? You’re right! If you really think this way, I suspect that neither you feel sexy nor anyone around you perceives you that way. Do you know why? Because sexy starts in the head. It is not a question of beauty or a “sexy” body. It’s a matter of what you think about yourself and what message you convey to the world.

Why don’t you feel sexy?

There is a belief that to be sexy you need to be in your twenties, have a fit or voluptuous body, a pretty face. Wear clothes emphasizing the figure and revealing this and that. It’s no wonder many of us think a person is not sexy. Comparing yourself with such a picture and making it the only and proper one, you can feel bad about yourself. That’s one of the main reasons why many people don’t feel sexy. This is because they have problems accepting their own body, do not know their strengths, and do not believe in themselves. Instead of emphasizing their strengths, they focus mainly on their shortcomings and try to hide them. Of course, a beautiful body, pretty face or figure-enhancing clothes are sexy. But only if someone uses their strengths consciously if they know their worth and are self-confident. The truth is, you may look like Miss World, but if you don’t feel sexy, others won’t notice it as much as you would like.

What to do in order to feel sexy?

To feel sexy, you have to stop comparing yourself to others and start accepting yourself. You have to stop thinking about your complexes. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have “perfect” beauty, perfect body, hair, shape, etc. Sex appeal is not a question of beauty. It is a matter of your self-acceptance and what you communicate to the world with your behavior, body language, and how you compliment it with the way you dress. When you start accepting yourself, you become more open to people. You start to see your strengths and stop focusing on your complexes. You start to think of yourself in a different way, better, more positively. You start to like yourself and your appearance. Your attitude changes. You start to move and dress differently. You start to know your worth. Self-awareness is sexy. And you know what? This is a great start to what you need to feel sexy on a regular basis.

How to feel sexy?

Self-awareness is sexy

Knowing your worth is sexy. Openness, a positive attitude, and being natural are sexy. A smile is sexy. The joy of life, spontaneity, self-distance and a sense of humor are also sexy. Intelligence and brilliance are sexy. Real sex appeal starts in your head. When you accept yourself, you start to become more and more aware of your strengths. You start to like your non-ideality. You learn to highlight your strengths. This manifests itself in an outward appearance. In the fact that you take more care of yourself and your body. You choose your clothes more consciously. You stop hiding, you don’t want to be gray, invisible. You start looking for your style and emphasize your character and personality. You start to feel good about yourself. It’s all in your mind.

Sexy starts in the head

Even if you don’t feel it right now, it’s practically guaranteed that you can feel it if you let yourself do it. When one starts to see their strengths, when they start to like themselves and their appearance, people automatically begin to perceive them differently. However, if you are not feeling comfortable with yourself, if you are not feeling sexy, start changing your thinking. Challenge your inner critic and your complexes. Look at yourself more favorably and stop comparing yourself to others. Look for your strengths and focus on them. Smile to yourself and to others every day. Take this seriously – a smile can do wonders. Remember, other people see you mainly through the prism of what you think about yourself and what you manifest on the outside. Therefore, think well of yourself and observe the difference through feedback others give you.

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