Handsome pay for naked cleaning

What Is Naked Cleaning?

Ever wondered how to make money with minimal effort? Yeah, we all do. Well, now it becomes more realistic than ever thanks to a new trend emerging in the Irish job market. Thanks to a growing interest in ordering naked cleaning services, more and more people are providing these kinds of services.

It sounds like a perfect job for people with naturist inclinations, who don’t mind being looked at. Of course, it’s not all pleasure – at least for the service providers – they still need to do a proper cleaning. The customer ordering these kinds of services will be looking at both – the naked body and the quality of cleaning service, so bear in mind that the cleaning needs to be thorough.

Naked cleaning – who gets to watch

Usually, naked cleaning is ordered directly to a person’s home and is individual – only the person who ordered gets to watch. However, some other options might be available as well, depending on what both sides agree on. Some cleaners offer naked cleaning in the office, others get paid extra for cleaning naked during parties or for couples and special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

Range of similar services

And it’s not just cleaning naked. Many prefer a little less spice and go for a cleaner, who cleans topless or in lingerie. Some choose a bathing suit for outside work, such as gardening, garage cleaning, or other housework. There’s also a growing interest in car washing services – sans the outfit of course.

Premium service

The biggest argument for joining the community of people who are into this thing is the financial aspect. Who would’ve thought that getting undressed and cleaning at someone’s house will become a premium service these days? Well, it has, and the demand is huge.

Naked cleaning pay

Service providers can get handsome hourly rates ranging from 50 € for cleaning in their lingerie to an impressive 150 € for full nude cleaning and even 250 € for full nude cleaning for groups of people. And as your inner mathematician whispers – you probably need more than an hour to clean someone’s home or office. Add some naked ironing and folding to your offer and you might be looking at a full day of work, which pays like two weeks of traditional employment. Sound too good to be true? Well, welcome to today’s world – it’s just reality.


Of course, the cleaning equipment and cleaning accessories should be provided by the ordering party – so check whether it will be prepared for the day and if you have any allergies, you should contact the ordering party prior to the arrangement. Also, remember about preparing your body for the service. Come fit and ready, think twice before accepting an offer – are you healthy, will your body be able to handle the cleaning? Never underestimate physical fatigue – think ahead to work smart and not do any risky moves that could potentially cause a serious injury or muscle stretch.

Handsome pay for naked cleaning


Safety is of the utmost importance while trying to become a professional naked cleaner. However, as this service becomes more mainstream, it becomes clear to society what it’s all about – cleaning naked – nothing more. So stay away from any sexual references while on the job, do not accept any physical contact, and keep a safe distance from the ordering party. Also, have a friend to who you can text the address and agree on a text message to confirm it’s going well and you are safe. Always get the payment upfront, as agreed beforehand, and make sure the money is secured. If any incidents happen do not hesitate to call the authorities. Remember – you are allowed to offer this kind of service and it’s not implying anything else than offered.

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