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A new trend is taking UK and now Ireland by the storm, naked cleaning is quickly becoming all the rage, especially during the pandemic. Find out more about this trend – what is naked cleaning?

For a good couple of years now, the trend of naked cleaning has been revolutionising the domestic cleaning market with substantial success. However, contrary to some conservative beliefs nude cleaning is about more than perverse voyeurism and simply staring at a naked man or woman cleaning your home. It’s about an appreciation of the male and female bodies while respecting the nature of the business as a professional service. Even more importantly, treating the cleaners as professional domestic service providers that they are, and not casual sex work or a sex object, because they’re not. The idea is to combine the best of both worlds – admiring the undeniable beauty of the human body and having someone else do your chores for you. What’s not to love?

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, this trend of cleaning in the nude helped to return a sense of “happiness and fun” to many people who suffered incredible levels of stress, loneliness, and anxiety. That’s why the services became so insanely popular, and their popularity increased massively, giving way for many new agencies to enter the UK market. Soon, other countries followed, including the US, Ireland, and many others. By offering people the chance to have their houses cleaned and to socialize (after countless lockdowns) all while experiencing excitement without putting themselves at risk (since there’s no sexual activity), naked cleaning became a way to feel “normal” again.

What is Naked Cleaning?

How does it work?

Nudist cleaning is a professional service, which means there is no funny business. The workers are just there to clean and provide the same service as any other domestic cleaner would, nothing more. With one tiny exception – they do it in the nude. The practice is completely safe and acceptable and what’s more, is that it’s not only sexy but fun!

Naked Cleaners work just like any other standard cleaner and this service works exactly the same as any other domestic cleaning provider. The cleaners are often called or booked through a confidential website to visit houses and do the cleaning tasks specified by the client. Whether it’s the entire house, a couple of rooms, or just some light dusting – the level of work is completely up to the customers. They have the complete freedom to request the exact service that works for them.

The service is completely discreet and confidential. On the way to the property, all cleaners are fully clothed and dressed appropriately (whether the outfit is smart, or causal depends on the individual company’s policy). Normally, they will undress once they’re inside the client’s home and start performing the required cleaning tasks. Naked cleaning is most popular among men who hire women to clean their homes, but the service is rapidly becoming more widely popular across both sexes.

So, if this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, feel free to check out the services Naked Cleaners is offering in your city.

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