Naked cleaners 101: How to clean – the professional way?

How to clean like a pro

Sometimes it’s good to have a plan for doing a proper clean – find out in this article, written by a Naked Cleaner working in this field for a while now, how professionals do it. few universal tips on that. 

Prepare a cleaning kit

Want to know how to clean an apartment well? First, start with the equipment and accessories. Keep them in one place. Organize a basket, box or bucket and put everything you need to clean the apartment in this caddy, so as not to run to the kitchen or bathroom every now and then.

I usually have with me:

  • paper towels,
  • furniture cleaner,
  • window cleaner,
  • washing sponge,
  • magic eraser,
  • screen wipes,
  • microfiber cloth.

Paper towels are irreplaceable, they perfectly clean mirrors and windows, and I also use them to wipe dust. You will also need a magic sponge for difficult dirt and a microfiber cloth is a great finish for polishing the glass.

Clean the equipment beforehand

Make sure to double-check if the equipment you are going to use is actually clean. You really don’t want to spread those smudges all over windows or mirrors with a dirty squeegee or get more dust on the floor with an old broom or dirty mop.

Cleaning equipment

Prepare the space

Before you go to dusting, put the dry dishes in the cupboards, place all the dirty ones in the dish washer or sink. Just get rid of all the things that are out of place, so you can do it once and properly and continue cleaning.

Start cleaning from the dirtiest spot

In the beginning, we have the most energy, so it’s best to start cleaning in the room that needs the most work. For me it is a kitchen, and right after that the bathroom. I end up in the bedroom where there is little to do, which is dusting, wiping the electronics down, and cleaning the mirror.

Go for the whole house

Pick a task, i.e., vacuuming or mopping and do every room in sequence, not just one of them. This way it’s more efficient – you’re not wasting time on getting the equipment each time and you have the feeling you are advancing with the whole process faster.

Use the method: top to bottom

Start with the highest places, such as lamps, shelves, and cabinets. Then go for the table, chest of drawers, all the way to the bottom. Always finish by cleaning the floors. Thanks to this, dust will not rise from shelves or cabinets to perfectly washed panels or parquet. You save time, do not double clean and save energy for more precise work. For areas, which are especially hard to reach, like curtain rods, blinds, and upper shelves, tie a microfiber cloth to the end of a mop or broom.

Clean inside out

This method is ideal for shelves or all recessed cupboards. First, clean them inside, and then outside, so that the dust does not spread over the entire furniture.

It is of course the opposite in terms of the toilet. Most of the bacteria are inside, so start from the outside – boards and flush plates, so that you do not accidentally transfer them there.

Get rid of decorations and unnecessary things

If you are cleaning a shelf – take all decorations, books and whatever else you keep there. Clean it and then put each item aside one by one, of course wiping the dust off it. The same applies to cleaning the bathroom – first collect soap, toothbrushes, perfume bottles, bath liquids, place the items in one place, and then wet clean the bathtub and washbasin.


Especially now, disinfection is crucial for every household. It’s not always possible to have the whole place ozonated, so keep in mind manual disinfection is important. Places, which are frequently being touched may be the first ones to disinfect. You don’t want them delivering germs to any of the house residents so think about doorknobs, handrails, light switches, buttons, TV remotes, telephones, countertops, appliances, and cabinet fronts.  

If needed, prepare a non-toxic disinfecting solution by simply mixing one-fourth to a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. Using disinfecting wet-wipes is handy in most cases.

First sweep, then mop

It’s really the basics – sweep first, then mop. Avoid mopping yourself into a corner, so always start mopping from the farthest corner of the room and gradually move backwards towards the exit way. This way you can be efficient and not have to redo any parts of the floor.

Experience much valued

The more you get to clean, the easier it becomes. Especially, when some level of invention is required, you develop the skill, learn to strategically prioritize tasks, and make your work even more efficient. Never stop learning!

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