Naked Cleaners Background

Becoming a Naked Cleaner is a lot less complicated than it sounds. All you need is to be able to clean and to do it naked. Easy-peasy, right?

Universal job

The great thing about being a naked cleaner is that previous experience is completely not necessary! Across this industry workers come from varies backgrounds and professions. Some used to be adult content models, experienced cleaners and you might not believe this, but and there are countless stories of women quitting their everyday 9-5 jobs or housewife lifestyles to become naked cleaners due to its popularity and earning potential! Honestly, anyone can pick up a mop or a cloth and do this. It’s not exclusive to one gender, body type, or skin color – actually quite the opposite! If you think you are too old or too young for this – most likely you are just searching for an excuse – Naked Cleaners range from adult teenagers to early seniors. Cleaning is a part of our everyday life and in this job, that’s all you will ever need to do. The most important job criteria for this job are to be comfortable doing it in the nude in front of someone watching and making a conversation. That’s it!

What background do you need to become a Naked Cleaner?

Preparation goes a long way

Because this job is all about cleaning, it is very important that you learn at least some cleaning techniques to make the job a little easier. This includes what kind of cleaning products and tools are best to use for certain cleaning requirements like scrubbing a bathtub, polishing kitchen tiles or wiping dirty windows. Familiarising yourself with popular cleaning products and their uses might be a good idea and also, understanding which areas are important to remember to give a high quality and impeccable service. So, be mindful of tricky-to-get-to corners and other nooks and crannies that are hard to get to and easy to miss – clients will look for a quality clean as well as sexy entertainment!

Naked Cleaners have a plan

But don’t worry, you will never have to buy your own cleaning supplies, the clients are expected to provide those for you. All you need to bring is a good attitude and some sort of a “plan” on how to tackle the client’s requests effectively and efficiently, if you need any simple cleaning tips read our How to Clean like a Pro blog. That should give you more than enough information to get started!

Basic rules apply

These are some basic ground rules and tips to help you make the process more manageable, but you can see that it’s not complicated. There’s no reason why anybody shouldn’t be able to do this. So if you feel like you’re up for the task, why not become a Naked Cleaner?

If you’re interested and want to find out more about the Naked Cleaners services, check out the Naked Cleaning section of the Blog.

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