Naked cleaners NOT sex workers

Is naked cleaning different from sex work? Yes and let’s break down how and why.  

Misconceptions about Naked Cleaners

While naked cleaning sounds quite erotic, it is in fact just a great way to have a safe, sexy, and positive sexual experience without any actual sex. The practice has become quite popular over the course of the pandemic, giving people a chance to enjoy some happiness and fun during an otherwise miserable period of lockdowns and social isolation. But there seems to be a lot of misconception about its legitimacy as a professional service, with many thinking of it as secret (or not so secret) sex work. The truth is that Naked Cleaners never engage in any sexual acts with their clients, and their job is exactly what it says it is. They just clean, naked.

Not a sexual service

There are all types of different sex workers all over the world with a very specific job – to satisfy their clients’ sexual needs, fantasies and kinks. The aim is to provide sexual services and performing sexual acts on clients is the main expectation. The job of a nudist cleaner is simply to satisfy their clients’ cleaning requirements while letting the client enjoy the view of their naked body in a safe, comfortable and respectful environment. Whatever the cleaning requests may be, the service is limited to performing only the act of cleaning. The cleaner is not expected to have sex with the client, and it’s definitely NOT a part of the service they provide. For a full list of what a naked cleaner will and will not do, read our previous blog post What Naked Cleaners Do and Don’t Do


It is understandable that because the cleaning service is provided in the nude, the clients can become aroused and physically excited. The nudist cleaners are aware of the effect their work can have and know that it is simply a natural response to seeing an attractive, naked body. But the clients must always remain respectful of the cleaner’s boundaries and put their comfort, safety, and integrity first. That means clients must never touch the worker or make any rude or sexually suggestive statements and remember that the job of a naked cleaner is to provide a high-quality, safe and sexy cleaning service. Nothing else.

The same goes for the cleaners – they must never offer any such additional services or suggest that they are open to them. Likewise, they shouldn’t make lewd or suggestive comments to entice a client into anything other than watching them clean.

Naked Cleaners - not sex workers

It goes both ways

The boundaries and respect in a naked cleaning service are mutual and go both ways to ensure, transparency, safety, and most importantly some good, sexy entertainment.

Of course, due to the legal repercussions and social stigma of sex work, the boundaries can often get muddled and it can be hard to know the difference between actual sex work and sex-positive work. Naked cleaning is definitely the latter – a progressive, sex and body-positive profession that celebrates the beauty of the nude human body while providing a great cleaning service and a practice that has returned some “happiness and fun” back to a struggling, post-pandemic public.

If you’re interested and want to find out more about the Naked Cleaners services, check out What to Expect from a Naked Cleaning session blog!

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