What to expect from a Naked Cleaning session?

What to expect from a Naked Cleaning session

Not sure how a naked cleaning session works? Let us walk you through a session with Naked Cleaner step by step.

Having a beautiful person clean your house in the nude and not having to do your chores sounds like a dream – and it is. But in all honesty, no two naked cleaning sessions are the same – some clients have varying requests, different preferences, and expectations which makes every cleaning job unique. There are however some basic principles that guide each session. If you want to book a session but don’t know how it works, or you’re hesitating because you don’t know what to expect, this little guide will make the process clear and show you exactly how a naked cleaning session with Naked Cleaners works.

First of all, the service is getting more and more popular and with growing numbers of people offering it worldwide, so you can be sure it’s possible to find a suitable naked or fully clothed cleaner available to fulfil your naked cleaning requirements and have someone available within your area. It’s important, that you specify what kind of cleaning work you require – whether it’s a thorough, deep clean or just light housekeeping, the exact tasks required, and the cleaner will clarify his or her pay rate. For an exact list of tasks, the cleaner will and won’t do, please read our blog post “What the Naked Cleaners Do and Don’t Do”.

How does it work?

You do not need to pay a booking fee or book the session with any set prior notice. The cleaners have complete control over their schedule and will fit you in according to their availability.

On the agreed day and time, the cleaner will arrive at your property fully dressed (regardless of whether you booked a nude or fully clothed service) to ensure the service is discreet and professional. Then, the cleaner will undress as soon as they are inside and ready to start working.

Please note that the cleaners are not expected to bring their own cleaning supplies and you will need to provide all necessary cleaning products and equipment for them to use.

The cleaner will then perform all the required nudist cleaning tasks while making conversation with you and allowing you to admire their body while they work. It is important that you make our workers feel comfortable and do not violate their personal space, especially since any form of touching or physical contact is strictly forbidden. They will understand if you get excited and show signs of physical arousal – they completely appreciate that it is a natural reaction to the naked human body, but they will expect you to remain respectful and polite throughout.

Also, you should remember not to take any pictures or photographs of the cleaner or invite any guests or host visitors while they are there. Or even more importantly, you do not make any lewd comments or inappropriate sexual requests since the Naked Cleaners are not sex workers. Their job is to provide a high-level domestic cleaning service, with a fun, sexy twist. This is very important for the comfort and safety of the cleaner, while also maintaining the integrity of their service.

Cheerful Sexy Naked Cleaner

What happens after a naked cleaning session?

Once all tasks have been performed to a satisfactory standard the cleaner will return all the cleaning products and supplies back to you and get dressed to leave. Then, when the service is officially concluded you will be expected to pay the agreed sum of money in full to the cleaner unless the terms you initially agreed specify otherwise or the cleaner requested payment in advance of the service.

If the service was exactly what you were hoping for and the experience proved as fun as it sounded, feel free to share the good vibes about it among your social circles.

If you’re looking for more information about Naked Cleaning – read our article about What Naked Cleaners Do and Don’t Do.

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