10 myths about naked cleaning that are actually not true

10 myths about naked cleaning that are actually not true

Since naked cleaning as a service is a pretty new phenomenon, we’ve figured debunking some myths could be useful for many of our readers. In this article, you will find out what is true and what is not, regarding naked cleaning.

1 -> It’s a sexual service

It just isn’t. People may think differently when they aren’t really familiar with the naturist lifestyle but the truth is pretty simple. The cleaning party offers to do it with no clothes on – that’s it. You are not allowed to touch, nor make any sexual advances while having your space cleaned. If you do not comply, there will be unpleasant consequences.

2 -> Naked cleaners aren’t there really for cleaning

It’s also pretty obvious, as the name suggests –it is a cleaning service. You can expect your space to get tidied, and this is the key part of the service. Also, it will be performed in lingerie, topless, or in the nude, depending on what you agree with the cleaning party. There will be no place for any sexual service as an option.

3 -> It’s for naturists only

Sure, it is popular with people experienced with naturism, and there are plenty of them around us! But it’s not only them who hire naked cleaners. You don’t need to have any prior experience with naturism to enjoy a naked cleaner coming to your space.

4 -> The cleaners come with their own cleaning supplies and equipment

Unless agreed otherwise, the standard is, that all the cleaning props and supplies need to be provided by the space owner. It’s just the way It usually works. There have been certain product shortages since the pandemic broke out, and if you are unable to supply some crucial products be aware you need to communicate it as early as possible so that the cleaning party can prepare them if they offer such an option.

10 myths about naked cleaning that are actually not true

5 -> It’s only for the super-wealthy

Naked cleaner services are more and more common these days. More people are offering them and the demand is increasing with every passing month. All major Irish cities offer a plethora of naked cleaners, who are happy to be hired. Of course, this service comes at a higher price than your average cleaner. Depending on the kind of service you are looking for and the duration of the visit – it will cost you anywhere between double digits to a few hundred euros. Extra-long session taking all day with 2 or more naked cleaners at your premise might be priced at a few thousand euros. But then again, it is an exclusive service, which is very popular and not only among those who never count their expenses.

6 -> It will ruin your sex life

This shouldn’t be a concern, as it is not a sexual service. However, it is possible that the ordering party may get aroused with all the exposure to attractive bodies over a longer period of time. But is that really a problem? It can get you filled with positive energy you can utilize later on when the cleaning is finished, and that can actually help your sex life. Also, naturists always emphasize all the good sides of feeling at peace with other people’s naked bodies and of course your own. This can help make great advances in your sex life.

7 -> Your significant other will not approve

That depends on the kind of relationship you have, but there are many couples that are fine with this service. Some order their spouses a naked cleaner to make them feel good, other’s reserve it for a Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions. After all, it is good to have your home clean and your spouse happy.

8 -> Your neighbors will know

Cleaners working in the nude know how important discretion is. If they get the feeling their presence becomes known, they will act in a way to avoid any unwanted attention. As long as you’re sure no unwelcome guests will interfere with your cleaning session, you’re free to relax and enjoy your time, it will be fine.

9 -> All service providers look like professional models

Not exactly. Body positivity is very important, so almost anyone could start offering naked cleaning services, however, most of them offer a sensual twist, just by acting free while in the nude and feeling great while doing so. Some of them are professional models, who just do it for naturist reasons, but it’s worth finding one that will fit your aesthetic requirements among all the naked cleaners available in your area.

10 -> People hate naked cleaning

If this was true, why would there be so many media articles covering the topic? Why would there be websites for finding these services? Why would you hear about it from your friends down at the pub or even at the office? It is a new service, that is still gaining the market recognition it deserves but there are so many people already into it, but on the supply and demand sides, that it’s just an unfair statement. If you are not sure about whether you may like it or not, give it a go, you may be surprised!

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