Cleaning an apartment during COVID: what to pay attention to?

Cleaning an apartment in the time of COVID

In order to minimize the possibility of spreading coronavirus infections, we should avoid socializing and wash our hands as often as possible. What about home hygiene? Should we clean the apartment in some way during voluntary or forced quarantine? Certainly. In this article, we take a look at the cleaning measures you implement in your daily routine during the pandemic. Want to find out more about cleaning an apartment during COVID? This text is for you.

Cleaning during the pandemic 

You need to wash the floor more often, everyday items such as light switches, door handles, computer keyboards, and also smartphones. It is worth equipping yourself with special disinfecting liquids that will not damage our electronic equipment. In addition, the countertop on which we place purchases should be disinfected – preferably 70 % ethanol solution or another disinfectant.  

How to clean all those tops, handles, knobs, kettle handles? 

Cleaning an apartment in the time of COVID is not an easy task. You may wonder – are ordinary household chemicals enough, or maybe you need to reach for chlorine bleach? The SARS-CoV-2 virus is sensitive to lipid solvents, so the use of basic household chemicals will be sufficient. Even ordinary soap or dishwashing liquid effectively destroys this virus. It is worth adding that when cleaning the kitchen, we should be aware that sponges, scourers, and cloths are an ideal environment for bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Therefore, we should definitely replace these items more often. And if possible – replace reusable cloths with disposable towels.  

Minimizing the risk of contamination in the bathroom: what to remember?  

When it comes to toiletries and cleaning the bathroom, you should also remember to change brushes more often and not to share toothpaste with other household members. Since the virus spreads by droplets, it is best for each individual to have a separate tube of paste. For the same reason, separate towels are also required for each household member (this is a recommendation not only in the event of a pandemic). It would be good for each of the household members to have their own body and hand towels not only during an epidemic but also on a daily basis.  

Cleaning an apartment during COVID

Regular cleaning of the bathroom is essential to make sure our home is a safe place for all the inhabitants. We should not forget about regular, frequent cleaning of the toilet. As scientists have established, SARS-CoV-2 may be present in feces, so it is also important to lower the toilet lid (preferably before draining the water). Otherwise, microparticles with the virus can become airborne and settle on bathroom walls and sanitary facilities. Of course, after cleaning all rooms in the apartment, you must wash your hands – preferably with soap and water, for a minimum of 20 seconds.  

Cleaning an apartment during COVID – shopping quarantine  

You are probably wondering whether you can bring coronavirus home along with your shopping. After all, the packaging of products is not very clean, they may have been touched by many people before. Who knows if nobody in their vicinity was sneezing or coughing? So, what should we do when we bring groceries home from the store? Is disinfecting the countertops on which we place these enough? We should disinfect not only the countertops for which we place purchases but also the packaging of food products. It has been proven that the virus stays for up to 2-3 days on surfaces covered with stainless steel or plastic packaging. Therefore, during an epidemic, we should disinfect the packaging that contains the food before putting it in cabinets or the refrigerator. If possible, it can also be quarantined and wait 3 days before unpacking from the shopping bag. These are extraordinary precautions, but they reduce the risk of infection, says a pharmacy technician. After unpacking your purchases, you should – of course – wash your hands thoroughly. 

We hope these insights on how to clean an apartment in the time of COVID will be helpful for everyone, who is safety conscious.

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