Male topless cleaner Ironing

Most people think Naked cleaners’ services are mostly women offering to clean for men – is it actually true? 

The stereotype is obvious – men hire women to clean their houses and sometimes want to take it to another level and have it done naturist style. Well, in fact, it’s very much not the case. Times of stereotypes connected to behavior related to gender are long gone. Nowadays, anybody can feel free to express themselves anyway they want to. It also applies to hiring Naked Cleaners. 

Male Naked Cleaners 

Some women prefer to have their housework done with the assistance of someone from the outside – it’s very common. But as time has passed, women could not remain indifferent to the trend of hiring a Naked Cleaner, which is getting more and more common. It also appears that the supply of Male Naked Cleaners is plentiful. Men of all shapes and races are helping with housework to numerous women worldwide, now also in the nude. 

More than just cleaning 

It’s not just cleaning per se. Sometimes some heavier jobs need to be done, like lifting some furniture and moving it to properly clean the space or doing some work in the garage area, gardening, pool cleaning. Not everyone is strong enough to do those things, and especially now, with so many people interested in helping out, why would they even bother?

Naked Cleaners work for women too 

Female Naked Cleaners 

It’s also not uncommon to have women order a Female Naked Cleaner to help with the housework. Female bodies tend to be much more attractive to all the sexes, and the aesthetic side seems to be one of the key factors while choosing a naked cleaner.

Body positivity 

Often, it’s also about body positivity – women are more familiar with female bodies and sometimes are even more understanding and accepting of the imperfections of a natural human body. Naked Cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, all carrying a dose of beauty that could be appreciated while in the nude. Many women know that and can also feel great while expressing the willingness to embrace body positivity. Most Naked Cleaners work for both men and women. 

Of course, not all women are interested in having a naked man or woman in their home, but especially the ones with naturist inclinations probably are. In case you feel like you are one of them, don’t hesitate to try it out, after all, you deserve to make yourself happy.  

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